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Benefit of 20% tax credit

The new National Plan for Transition 4.0 (Industry 4.0), approved in the 2021 Budget Law, consists of an investment of around EUR 24 billion aimed at supporting economic recovery and providing stability to companies, accompanying them in the process of technological transition and environmental sustainability.

The words of the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli:
"The new National Plan 4.0 is the first brick on which the Italian Recovery Fund is based".

The Plan provides for a new duration of the measures, an enhancement of all deduction rates, and an important advance in the timing of their use.

New tax brackets

Tangible assets 4.0: the brackets envisaged for investments in tangible assets 4.0 are respectively 2.5 million with a rate of 50% in 2021 and 40% in 2022; from 2.5 million to 10 million with a rate of 30% in 2021 and 20% in 2022; from 10 to 20 million with a rate of 10% in 2021 and 2022. In many cases of purchase of tangible assets 4.0 there will be a need for a technical report and / or sworn expertise.

New duration of the measures

  • The new tax credits are foreseen for 2 years;
  • The measure is brought forward to 16 November 2020;
  • The measure is brought forward to 16 November 2020; The possibility is confirmed, for contracts for the purchase of capital goods defined by 31/12/2022, to benefit from the credit with only the payment of a deposit equal to at least 20% of the amount and delivery of the goods in the following 6 months (therefore, by June 2023).

Increased ceilings and rates (Tangible assets 4.0)

  • For expenditure of less than EUR 2.5 million: new rate at 50% in 2021 and 40% in 2022;
  • For expenditure above €2.5m and up to €10m: new rate of 30% in 2021 and 20% in 2022;
  • For expenses above €10m and up to €20m, a new cap has been introduced: 10% rate in 2021 and 2022.


Pursuant to Article 185 of the 2021 Budget Law, the Transition 4.0 Plan "is aimed at all companies resident in Italy, including permanent establishments of non-resident entities, regardless of their legal form, economic sector, size and tax regime for determining the company's income, which make investments in new capital goods intended for production facilities located in the territory of the State, starting from 16 November 2020 and until 31 December 2022."

An extension of six months is envisaged, i.e. until 30 June 2023, provided that by 31 December 2022 the relevant order is accepted by the seller and the payment of down payments of at least 20% of the acquisition cost has taken place.

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