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Available in disc (with spring or anchor) and band variants. The purpose of this type of accessory is to create a barrier between the seedling and the soil moved by the working device. This is important as weeding is also carried out in the early stages of crop growth, when seedlings are particularly delicate.


This accessory is made up of flexible, removable tines that allow the soil to be combed, bringing out the weeds and removing the soil from the roots. This improves the quality and effectiveness of weeding. Available in two different versions with 10 or 14 tines.


Spring-mounted or arm-mounted with adjustable rack. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Tamping is carried out with pairs of adjustable steel discs that exert a particularly energetic action by bringing the soil from the inter-row to the base of the plants, or from the inter-row to the base of the bed.


Intersecting with each other, the finger weeders work the soil on the row of crops, penetrating the soil by a few centimetres, breaking up the crust that forms near the collar and eradicating and burying at the same time the weeds present on the row. Available in various diameters (Ø250-290-370 mm) and textures. Yellow for sandy or medium/textured soils, red for harder or stony soils.


Choose the most suitable ploughshare from 60 mm to 220 mm, dovetail or L-shaped.


Choose from the different types of anchors available


Customise your tools according to the type of terrain to be worked.

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